A research of sound and energy


River installation, Soca River – Slovenia

Vivian Hernandez

Watermill sound

This was a project made during the summer camp on the Pif Camp in Slovenia 2022. During a week, A team of experts form by David Unland and Vivian Hernandez found a way to create a sustainable sound system that could be enhance by the force of water. Under the excise to create a collaboration this the force and movement of the water.

Theoretical background – Decolonizing Tech with Water

Sustainable Low Tech is a project that looks up to enhances the agency of water, generate energy, and create a sound/light composition with it. By making use of a decolonizing method and in cooperation with water to create an electrical generator which would be able to compose melodies within the force and strength of water. Why water? Well, water is universal, omnipresent, reverberating body. Water has been overtaken, exploded, contaminated, deviated, and overshadowed for long enough. Therefore, an ally that also seeks to re-signify itself. I would like to create a stream that empowers and strengthens the current that so much wants to be heard. It is for this reason that I found it suitable and urgent to enhance both sounds together. Thereby create a public installation/performance as a measure of resistance and make a call for public concern. We would like to open our hands in times of emergency to all those who need to be heard and find plausible solutions together.