Sonic Cartography

An Exploration With Waterbodies

  • A sound piece created in collaboration between the body, the territory and the river Llobregat. In a performative act, water and glass vessels that produce the sound are interwoven. In this way, the history of rivers as beings full of material and political power unfolds. The performance explores the concept of sentimental cartography.

    Paisajes en tiempo de emergencia // Landscape in state of Emergency

    This project seeks to compose a sound piece in cooperation with the environment, the territory and the region of Berga, Spain. Especially with the use of geospatial set of bodies of water that cross the territory such as the Llobregat river and the Baells reservoir and their local understanding of this territory.


Zonification is the artistic research during the stay at the multidisciplinary art Center Konvent Zero. Some of the journal entries during the residency and de development of the performance for the Water Paths exhibition that took part of the Lange Nacht der Museen 2024.

Open Street Map of Konvent Zero.

Carrer de Dalt


  1. Field recordings

2. Remote sensing

3. Stage Design