Walk With Water

The Walkshop

Waaaater Walkshop 

Workshop and Walk

This workshop or as I like to call Walkshop is an invitation to walk with water and recognize the agency of waterbodies.  A walkshop is a possibility to explore, understand, feel and establish connections with a space/territory by walking. 

Before plunging into the depths of practice with water. I would like to invite you to enjoy a walk, explore and comment on this territory.  Let yourself look, listen, smell feel  and of course walk this paths. 

Thought this booklet I will give you questions to answer and reflect, space to draw, and freedom to leave your creativity bloom. Remember this is only a guide to open the senses and understand the basic movement of walk beside water. 

Walking with a River

Walking with a Lagoon

“Walking has a long and diverse history in the social
sciences and humanities. Recently, there is a sense of
urgency and affirmation surrounding walking which is
entangled with the desire to generate research and
knowledge in situ, that is community-based, and that
is attuned to more-than-human entanglements and

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